Rajasthan: the ultimate travel guide for you!

There is no denial that Rajasthan is one of the most beautiful and delightful cities in India. It is a place full of magical wonders of the world. It will guarantee you a life-changing experience that you will live to remember. The state is India’s largest state. With the many cities to visit, you can be sure that your visit will be filled with excellence, excitement, thrills, joy, and satisfaction. You will see the reality of the title ‘Land of Kings.’ The massive size of the state gives you a lot of options for where to begin and where to finish. Even so, regardless of the number of days you will be staying here, they will not be enough to cover every inch of the beauty of the state.

However, you can always try and cover as much as possible while here. This guide will highlight some of the most beautiful and breathtaking places you can visit. These places are some of the most visited and loved by tourists. They are some of the state’s most gorgeous cities that are full of beauty, splendor, and all the fun and excitement of the world. Let part of the Golden Triangle tour begin.

1. Jaipur

When you visit Rajasthan, it is impossible for you to miss the capital city of the state. Jaipur is the state’s capital city. It is a beautiful but bustling city. It is famously known as the ‘Pink City.’ Do not let the name fool you. You will hardly find any fancy and fairy ‘tale-ish’ environment. Even so, its beauty is evident. Jaipur is the city has so much to offer than you can imagine.

Things to do here:

  • Visit the Amber Fort: this fort has so much to show and teach you. It will give you a pleasant experience to see the beautiful place.
  • Visit the city palace: The city palace is yet another place where you cannot fail to visit. It shows you the other side of life that you have not seen.
  • Enjoy an elephant or camel ride: they are bumpy but worth every bump. It is a joy to ride these animals. Riding the elephants makes you feel untouchable until you are back on the ground again.
  • Visit the Anokhi block printing museum: this is one of the traditional arts of this state, and it is dying out. Therefore, hurry and get a taste of it before it dies. You will love it.

Accommodation in Jaipur

Jaipur has some of the most amazing places to stay while here. You can stay at the Holiday Inn Jaipur City Centre. It is a magnificent hotel with a great city view. There is also the Hilton Jaipur with a splendid view as well. Umaid Mahal is also a perfect choice.

2. Jodhpur

After visiting the ‘Pink City,’ I think it is befitting that you visit the ‘Blue City.’ There is something so amazing about the color blue. It inspires great calmness. The blueness of this city is enchanting, and that is one reason that has contributed to the love that tourists have for the city. The locals are friendly and welcoming. There is a lot of cultural wealth here that will leave you smitten, and the architectural wonder will excite you the more. As the second biggest city of Rajasthan, you can be sure that it will not disappoint.

Things to do in Jodhpur

There are a lot of things that you can do in this beautiful place. You can trust me when I say that there will not be a single dull moment.

  • Visit Mehrangarh Fort: this massive fort is ecstatic. There are no words to describe it. Therefore, let your eyes experience the awesomeness of the place.
  • Visit the Rao Jodha Desert Park: This is a perfect place for all nature lovers. It is one place that you can get the accurate reflection of the ecology of the city.
  • Visit Mandore: This historic site is a must visit. There is no way a person can leave Jodhpur without learning a little bit about the city.

Accommodation in Jodhpur

While here, you can stay in Ranbanka Palace. This is one of the places where you will get the ‘kings’ treatment and accommodation. There is also the Vivanta by Taj – Hari Mahal that is equally as beautiful and with a brilliant view. The Fairfield by Marriott is also the next perfect choice. There is a list of endless beautiful places to stay in when you visit Jodhpur.

3. Udaipur

This beautiful city is tagged as the ‘city of lakes.’ If you are looking for a romantic getaway, this is the perfect destination while in Rajasthan. It is the most romantic city in India. Did you that the famous film ‘Octopussy’ by James Bond was filmed here? The beauty of the lake and a boat ride at night will give any couple the magic it needs to keep the fire burning.

Things to do here:

In Udaipur, some of the things you can do include the following.

  • Cable car rides: You can visit the Shilpgram to enjoy this activity
  • Go for boat rides: It is the city of lakes. Therefore, you cannot miss the thrilling boat rides.
  • Visit the temples and palaces: there are some exquisite temples and palaces here. They include the Monsoon Palace, Jagdish temple and the Jagminder temple.


You can stay at the Leela Palace where you will enjoy the extensive view of the waterfront. There is also the Radisson Blu Udaipur Palace Resort and Spa. The name says it all. This place is magical. You will never want to leave.

Moving around Rajasthan

When you get to this state, I advise that you hire a taxi to make your movements a smooth experience. There are local modes of transportation, but they can be a bit congested and hectic. If you know your way around the state, you can also hire a car for the few days you will be in Rajasthan.

Rajasthan is a beautiful and massive state. You can never say you have seen everything about the state. However, visiting these cities will give you a glimpse of the beauty and the story of the state.

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