Tips for Taj Mahal visit

Taj Mahal is a UNESCO heritage site and one of the New World Wonders. It is located in Agra city. It is one of the leading attractions in the city. It is a humongous and magnificent place that was built by an Emperor called Shah Jahan. Taj Mahal hosts his third wife’s tomb. The building was constructed between the years 1631 and 1648. Shah Jahan’s wife was called Mumtaz Mahal. She was the love of his life. Taj Mahal was constructed using white marble, and the architectural design is strikingly gorgeous.

Accessing Taj Mahal

Getting to Taj Mahal is very easy. When you contact a tour and travel agency and purchase any of their travel packages, the transportation to this place will be sorted by the agency. If this is not the case, you can use a bus or a train to get here. You can get to Agra using a flight and board the next prevalent mode of transportation to Taj Mahal.

Where to stay

There is an endless list of places where you can stay when here. There are so many beautiful hotels that you can book for the number of days you will be in Agra. The hotels vary in prices. The luxury hotels always have a beautiful view of the Taj Mahal, and you can enjoy a romantic dinner with Taj Mahal as the background. The budget-friendly hotels are comfortable, clean, and beautiful. You will love your stay.

The best time to visit Taj Mahal

The spring season is the perfect time to visit Taj Mahal. During summer the weather is scorching, but it is the ideal alternative to the spring season. All you have to do is to dress lightly. The monsoon season has a lot of rainy days while the winter season there is too much smog that clouds the Taj Mahal. You can plan your trip according to your preference. Other than the seasons, the time of the day also counts a lot. If you make your visit to be during sunrise, you will avoid the crowd. At sunset, the crown will be there, but the beauty of the sunset on the Taj Mahal is worth it. Do not visit on Fridays because the place is never open on this day.

The charges

There are three systems of charging people when visiting Taj Mahal. Foreigners will pay around 1000 INR but not all of them. Those from SAARC and BIMSTEC countries pay almost half the price. The Indian locals pay approximately 40 INR. The ticket price for foreigners comes with a lot of goodies that are worth every rupee.

How to dress while going to the Taj Mahal

Indians esteem dressing a lot. They highly recommend that a woman should wear proper attires that cover her perfectly. As a foreigner, I advise that you dress modestly. You can also wear sarees or Salwar Kameez Suits. It is always a great thing to see tourists trying to adopt the culture of a place. It makes a tourist also feel like part of the community. The kind of shoes you will wear does not matter because you will have to remove your shoes when you go in. The other alternative is booties. Luckily the foreigner’s tickets cater for the booties.

What to carry into Taj Mahal

There are so many restrictions when it comes to entering Taj Mahal. It will be safer if you bring your phone or camera and a bottle of water. These will do, and they will help you ward off any troubles with the authorities. Some of the things that are forbidden include foods and snacks, tripods, headphones, and a few items. If you have these items, the security personnel may demand that you surrender them.

Touring the inside of Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal is vast. But when you have a tour guide, there should be no problems. Just follow the guide, and you will be alright. They will lead you to all the most exciting spots. There will also be a depth of knowledge that they will be able to reveal to you as well as the inner ‘secrets.’ A private guide will be an added advantage to you.

How to behave

There are a lot of people at the Taj Mahal. The locals tend to be smitten by foreigners, and they can demand a lot of pictures from you. Everyone may want to take a picture with you, and this can get you exhausted before you start your tour. In as much as you may want to be pleasant, you do not have to say yes to everyone. A tour guide will come in handy during such situations.

With these tips, you can be able to plan your perfect trip and during the perfect weather. You will know what is expected of you and everything else in between.

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