The ultimate guide to Jaipur

Jaipur is one of the biggest cities in Rajasthan. It is famously known as the ‘Pink City.’ However, the city is nothing close to being a fairy tale land where you will fall in love with your prince charming and live happily ever after. It is a place full of attractive places and fun activities, but they are not enough to create the romantic mood. Regardless of this fact, it remains to be a place where every tourist must visit.

What makes Jaipur stand out

1. The exquisite historical sites

There are so many historical and architectural sites that make this city a wonder. Some of the sites that you must see include:

  • The Hawa Mahal Palace of the Winds: this building is beautiful to look at, and the architectural designs will make you gaze with amazement. It is a beauty to behold. The many small windows and screens were for the women to use to stare down on the streets without anyone seeing them.
  • The Amber Fort and palace: this fort is one of the attraction sites in Jaipur. The garden is exquisite and perfect for walks and getting some rest after touring around Jaipur.
  • The monkey temple: this is a place that will fascinate you. This Hindu temple has excellent natural springs of water and also pools. Monkeys took over one of the pools, and that is where they swim and take their bath.

2. The various festivals

Indians have numerous festivals that are marked with color, music, and dance. At Jaipur, the festivals that are held include:

  • The elephant festival every year in February or March.
  • There is also the Kite festival that is also a government holiday. Everyone goes to the streets and flies their kites.
  • There is also the Teej festival that celebrates marriage.

3. The sumptuous meals

There are so many restaurants that serve the best Indian cuisines for you to enjoy. All these places serve a wide range of meals, and there is something for everyone.

  • One of the best places I recommend for you to try is the Chokhi Dhani. This place makes you experience the Rajasthan culture in 3D.
  • You can also try the Spice Court. If you cannot handle the extra spice on your food, then the place is not for you.
  • The Shri Thaal Village Restaurant is a perfect replacement for Chokhi Dhani. You will enjoy every meal here.

4. The adventure the city brings

There are a lot of adventurous activities that you can engage in while at Jaipur. You can go on safaris using two ways.

  • Safari jeeps: Your tour and travel agency can organize for a vehicle that will take you on a safari at the Ranthambhore National Park. Here you will get a chance to see tigers, leopards, and many other animals.
  • Hot air safaris: if you are interested in seeing the whole of Jaipur in just a few minutes, this is your perfect way. This hot air balloon ride is exciting and thrilling.

There is so much to Jaipur that you cannot afford to miss this city is magical and full of surprises. Therefore let yourself enjoy all that the city can offer.

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