The ultimate Delhi travel guide

Delhi is a beautiful city that every tourist loves to visit. There are a lot of adventurous things to do and places to visit. It is one of the cities with two completely different sides. You can be on one side of the city, and when you go the other side you will think you are in a different city. That is how beautiful and thrilling this city is to all that visit the city. The New Delhi and the Old Delhi distinctly separate features will amaze you. Get your golden tour travel packages ready and be on your merry way. This ultimate Delhi travel guide

Getting to Delhi

When you are in a different city, you can get to Delhi using a flight, by rail, and by road. But a flight is more convenient if the distance between the cities is too big. However, your movements within Delhi city can be in different ways. You can either use the Delhi Metro, the HOHO buses, Tuk-tuks, or rickshaws. The metro is very quick and the best option for everyone. The buses pass through numerous tourist attractions making them very convenient. The tuk-tuks are also another option, and they use CNG gas while the rickshaws are best for shorter distances. Even so, if you have hired a tour and travel agency, then you do not need to worry about transportation because they take care of it.

The sites you must not miss

Delhi has a lot of attraction sites, and you may end up scheduling another visit sooner than you think. They include:

Museums: Delhi has so many museums that you can lose count. These museums are beautiful and full of information that can build anyone’s historical knowledge. We also have museums that are specialized, and this is a brilliant move. Some of the museums include the Sulabh Toilet Museum, the Rail Museum, the Air Force Museum, the Planetarium, and so much more.

Spiritual places: there are also some temples that inspire one to get in touch with their spirituality. These religious places are beyond the religious affiliations because they can also give you peace and tranquility. These places include the Bangle Sahib Gurudwara, the Jhandewalan Temple, the Lotus temple, the Akshardham, Sacred Heart Cathedral Church, and more.

Forts: there are two notable forts in Delhi. They are the Red Fort that was the residence of Mughal Emperors and the Old Fort that is owned by the Indian government. These forts are beautiful to look at and to tour. They are rich in history, and their gardens are well maintained.

Fun things to do in Delhi

Some of the fun things you can do here include:

Shop in different markets: There are various places where you can get a lot of quality stuff at low prices. However, the costs will depend on your bargaining power. These markets are known for different things. For example, the Palika market is perfect for the technologically savvy people. Nehru is ideal for electronics and gadgets same as the Gaffar Market. Many other markets are diverse. They include Chandni Chowk, Lajpat Nagar, Janpath, and Sarojini Nagar market.

Enjoy a show at the theaters: art is a big part of Delhi, and there are so many theatre groups that provide entertainment. The groups are from schools as well as colleges. They theatre groups have skills and experience. Therefore, you can be sure that entertainment is guaranteed. The theatre groups include Drama Tech, Akshara Theatres, National School of Drama, and others.

Participate in the fairs and the festivals

There are some fairs, parades, and festivals to enjoy in Delhi. There is the trade fair every November that is open to everyone other than business people and traders. There is a book fair for readers. The prime minister of India organizes the Republic day parade for the whole country. There is also the Mango festival and the Phoolwalon Ki Sair festivals. These festivals are lovely and thrilling.

Going out to party

The Delhi’s nightlife is what every visitor needs to experience. There are some nightclubs and bars where you can go to unwind and have a few drinks. These places include Kitty Su, Scooter, club Pangaea, and many others. You will have a lot of fun, and you will enjoy some Indian songs as well as the company of the locals.

Great places to eat

There are so many places where you can have some excellent Indian cuisines and snacks. Some of the most fabulous places include the Pandara Road where we have Chicken Inn, Have More, Gulati, and Ichiban. There is also the Jama Masjid area where we have Hussain Fried Chicken, Mughlai, Karim’s, and Al Jawahar. These are a few places where you can eat.

Best times to visit Delhi

The best times that foreigners can visit Delhi is between November and February. These are the times when the weather is most conducive to them. The temperatures are pleasant. Touring during this time is refreshing.

What to wear

Since you will probably be visiting Delhi between November and February, I advise that you carry with you some light clothes for the day and warm clothes for the night. If you are not visiting during the

winter period, check the seasons so that you can carry appropriate garments. Remember to bring a lot of flat shoes.

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