Taj Mahal and UNESCO world heritage sites

When visiting Rajasthan, Agra is one of the places that you cannot fail to visit. There is a lot to Agra than what meets the eyes. There are various breathtaking places you need to see. Other than their beauty, knowing that there are also some UNESCO heritage buildings makes the excitement more justified.

The unbelievable Taj Mahal

You cannot mention Taj Mahal without mentioning Taj Mahal. It is one of the most impressive buildings in Agra that everyone gets excited to see. The Taj Mahal was built by an Emperor named Shah Jahan in honor of his wife’s death. This site is one of the world’s heritage structures that have a rich love story behind it. It is said to be the second best UNESCO world heritage.

The spectacular Agra Fort

The fort was built by Emperor Akbar when he was fourteen years old as a demonstration of his power. It is a beautiful fort that is rich in history. The architecture is gorgeous and simple yet sophisticated. The red sandstone used to construct it is makes the fort to pop with color. The greenery complements the beauty of the place.

The three palaces at Fatehpur Sikri

The Fatehpur Sikri is yet another UNESCO heritage structures that have more to say about an Emperor’s love story. There is a myth that claims the three palaces were constructed for the three wives that the emperor Akbar had. They were; a Hindu, a Christian, and A Muslim. The place was built in the 16th century.

Fun things to do in Agra

There is so much more to Agra other than the UNESCO heritage sites. There are so many exciting activities that you can engage in for all the days you will be in Agra. They include:

Visiting Kalakriti Cultural and Convention center

This place brings the traditional culture of the people to life. It is one lace that you will enjoy and desire more. The shows are spectacular and insightful. The dances and costumes are on another level of excellence. They provide earphones for foreigners as the story is translated into English.

Visit the Agra Bear Rescue Facility

The Wildlife SOS took the initiative to rescue bears from some locals. These bears are around 200 in number, and they are referred to as ‘dancing’’ bears. They are beautiful to look at, and the thrill of being around them will give you an adrenaline rush. Other than bears Wildlife SOS rescues elephants as well.

Where you will stay

Agra has so many hotels that are beautiful, clean, comfortable, and affordable. You will never miss a place to stay while here. There are also numerous luxury hotels that offer the best experiences all around.

Where to eat in Agra

Food should be the least of your worries while in India and Agra. As you walk the streets of Agra, you will see a lot of food stalls that have a wide range of traditional Indian Cuisines. Typically, you will get roasted and fried meat, sweets, sauces, and so much more. Other than street food, some restaurants serve Indian cuisines and different international cuisines. Such restaurants include the Taj Mahal restaurant, Tea’se Me restaurant, Esphahan, and more.

Come and see the gorgeous UNESCO heritage buildings as you enjoy the best that Agra has to offer.

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