Rajasthan: guide to the unpopular parts of the state

India is one of the most enchanting countries to visit. There are a lot of adventurous and thrilling activities that will make you feel alive. There are a lot of states and cities to visit, and today we will narrow down to Rajasthan. Rajasthan has numerous enchanting cities that have a lot of palaces, forts, museums, parks, and more. Some of the most popular cities here include Mandawa, Bikaner, Jodhpur, Ghanerao Village, Ranakpur, Udaipur, Chittorgarh, Bondi, Ranthambore, Jaipur, and a few others. Yes, these places have so much in store for you. Even so, there is more to Rajasthan than these states. Therefore, we are going to look at the other cities that are worth every moment.

1. Sariska town

This is one of the most famous places that tourists both foreign and local love to visit. It is slowly and gradually becoming one of the top tourist destinations for one reason, tigers. This town is very famous for the Sariska Tiger reserve. The town is located in Alwar district and around 133km from Jaipur. Other than the reserve there are also numerous forts and temples. There are two lakes here.

Things to do in Sariska

  • Visit Sariska reserve: there is nothing as fascinating as watching tigers. It is a thrilling experience that everyone loves.
  • Visit some forts: There are some forts like the Kankawari fort, Pratapgarh Fort, and Ajabgarh fort. Visit them and see the beauty and history they harbor. Every step you will take will be a walk through the history.
  • Go for boat rides: there are two lakes, and they are Slserh and Jaisamand. You can enjoy the beauty of the scene on a boat. Other than boat rides you can so organize for picnics and have some time to chill and reflect on life.


At Sariska, you can stay at Gulmohar Sariska Resort which is a beautiful and enchanting place. You can also opt for Trees ā€˜nā€™ Tigers Sariska bed and breakfast. Nature will give you the peace of mind. The Jungle Lap by Open Sky is also an excellent choice. The environment and the construction of the place make you feel like you are out in the wild.

2. Mount ABU

If you are looking for that perfect honeymoon destination or romantic destination, Mount Abu is the place. The cool breeze and the rolling hills do a lot to help with the excitement that the area brings. The greenery is a perfect show or how nature beautifies the earth. There is everything to love about Mount Abu.

Things to do here

While at Mount Abu, you can do the following.

  • Visit the beautiful temples: there are a lot of beautiful temples that you can visit while here. You will have an excellent spiritual awakening.
  • Go on a hike: Mount Abu has a lot of opportunities for people to go out for hikes. The cool breeze from the lake will keep you fresh while hiking.
  • Romantic night outs on boats: Set up a romantic boat ride with a loved one and see the beauty of Mount Abu in the evening.
  • Attend the winter and summer festivals: These festivals will make you experience the beauty of Rajasthan in ways you never thought were possible.


Chacha Inn is one romantic place that you have to stay in. Enjoying a dish on the beautiful garden in the evening is magical. There is also the Hotel Mount Regency that is spectacular and enchanting. Star Villa bed and breakfast is also an excellent choice while here. Other than these, there are many other fabulous hotels you can choose.

3. Kota

Kota is a magical place to visit. The vibrant culture will thrill and excite everyone. Kota is the industrial face of Rajasthan, but it has a beautiful connection to its ethnicity. It is one of the laces that foreign tourists are drawn to a lot of times. Blame it on the charming looks and the many attractions it has. The market, the temples, the museums, and the Chambal river are some of the things that make Kota what it is.

Things to do in Kota

There is a lot to do in Kota. You can:

Visit the gorgeous Rao Madho Singh Museum or the Brij Vilas Palace Museum. These museums will expose you to a whole new dimension of Kota. There is so much to feed your eyes in these museums.

  • Go out for shopping: there are several markets in Kota that leave tourists amazed. The marketplace is where they get to see the vibrant culture of Rajasthan. While shopping, do not forget to buy the Kota Doria Sarees.
  • Enjoy a boat ride: River Chambal passes through Kota affording you a boat ride to explore the places.
  • Go to the Mathuradheesh Temple: there is an excellent spiritual calmness that this temple inspired in people. Other than this temple, there are a few others you can visit such as Kansua Temple.
  • Attend the Ganguar Festival: You can plan your trip to Kota between March and April so that you can enjoy the festival. It is dedicated to Gauri. The festival is for married women and maidens.


In Kota, there are so many accommodation options that suit everyone. But some of the top accommodations include Hotel Rockland. The hotel has a beautiful design, and the rooms are well furnished. There is also Hotel Lilac. This place is enchanting. It has a perfect view of Kota.

Eating in Sariska

Ice & Spice is the perfect place for anyone to have a bite while in Sariska. The place is fancy and has an ideal ambiance.

Eating in mount ABU

Mount Abu has a lot of beautiful places to have sumptuous meals. They include Saraswati Dining, Arbuda restaurant, Mukberry Tree restaurant, and Sher-E Punjab. There are also some eating stalls near Nikki Lake.

Eating at Kota

The excellent restaurants that you should try include Eatos, Chaska restaurant, Tatva, Royal Firdous restaurant, and Maheshwari restaurant.

These are the other side of Rajasthan that you need to visit. These places are fantastic, and the memories you will make will live on forever. Purchase your golden triangle tour packages in india and let the fun begin.

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